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spot-on — subtitling and translation in arts and culture


Translation from English, French and Dutch into German

  • I translate texts in the fields of art, design, literature, history, philosophy, politics, advertising and market research from English, French and Dutch into German.
  • My work includes articles for print and online media, media releases, essays, literary texts, scenarios, dialogues for plays or comics, exhibition texts for museums and festivals, texts for advertisements, slogans, brochures, flyers and websites, and questionnaires for studies and research.
  • Literature and poetry, hidden meaning, cultural references, wordplay, jokes, rhymes or slang are welcome challenges for me. They meet my love for arts and culture and I treat them with utmost respect, attention and affection.


nicole bucher transmits …

nicole bucher, boat

… and submerges

Far-reaching translations of culturally relevant text content in art, design, literature, history, philosophy, advertising

Full immersion for getting the message across

Navigating between distinct systems of language, sense, thought, belief, norms and values

On the spot for spot-on spotting and translation in culture, art and literature

Reading (between) the lines

Reading (between) the lines


  • I create subtitles (timecodes/spotting and texts of suitable length) for feature films, shorts, documentaries, animation films, films for exhibitions, visitor centres, corporate films and websites on the basis of mp4 files or QuickTime files.
  • My clients include film distributors, film production companies, film directors, film schools, museums and companies or authorities in all fields.
  • I collaborate with a wide circle of specialists and offer subtitles in German, English, French and Italian, translated by native speakers and linguists; more languages are available on request.
  • My subtitles are provided as STP, SRT, STL Text, QuickTime SMIL, Final Cut Pro XML, Text and other export files and can be imported to Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress, Avid DS and Final Cut Pro 7 for editing; the subtitle files can also be passed on to Adobe Encore DVD, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Sonic Producer and Sonic Scenarist for authoring.


  • I am a certified translator DOZ FH (Dolmetscherschule Zürich) and specialist in cultural studies (University of Lucerne) with more than 20 years of experience in subtitling and translation, including an 18-year full-time inhouse position as a subtitler and translator at Cinetyp AG, Switzerland.
  • Amélie, Frida, Scoop, Django Unchained, Coffee and Cigarettes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mission Impossible, Shrek, Persepolis and Terror’s Advocate are some of the many films I subtitled for Swiss audiences.
  • I have a wide range of interests and a thirst for finding out more about the small and the big things in the world and everything in between. My predilection for culture, art, design, history and philosophy has turned me into an avid traveller of all continents, a visitor of exhibitions, museums, theatre, readings and concerts.


Nicole Bucher
Landschaustrasse 4
CH–6006 Luzern

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